Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trip of firsts

A few firsts for me on this "trip". My first train on the continent, my first time in the channel tunnel and now my first visit to Liverpool.
Won't get to see much of it but I'm definitely "walking alone"... did you see that? I made a football joke! seriously - me. I better say something about F1 to balance the universe again, er isn't Jenson Button doing great this year?!

Train arrived at 23:30. Probably wasn't the wisest thing I've ever done, but since the hotel was only 0.9miles away according to Google maps, I decided to walk. Strange city, late at night, nobody around... Just glad I didn't add my first mugging to the list too! I also noticed how loud my wheeled bag is on paving stones with buildings all around for the sound to echo off.

Good to have British TV back - shame the first thing I stumble across is Graham Norton!

I see the UK airports are starting to open. I don't know whether the flight I had reserved from Heathrow will fly or not, but I think I'm happier taking the ferry option.

Emma tells me the boys are missing me, particularly Ben (who's 4). He's been telling his school class all about it and how "daddy had to go on a train under the sea". I've been away from them before - maybe even for a longer trip, though you cope with planned trips differently - but it's been hard being away from them this time. Doesn't help when I hear how much he's missing me but I'll see him and Matthew soon.

8 hour ferry tomorrow, then 20 minutes in a taxi should get me home for around 7.30pm.

Never will my front door look so appealing.

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