Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tripping at the last post

That was close.

I didn't realise ferries had strict check in windows - stricter even than airlines it would seem.
I rolled up in my taxi to the port at 55 mins before the sailing, and they were waiting for me!!

Am on the boat now. Can't understand why they would close so long before the sailing, for foot passengers at least.

Anyway, my cabin should be ready in an hour. No wifi by the looks of it so we'll see if there's any mobile signal on board.

My local newspaper wants to include me in their piece on stranded "Lisburnians". Probably going to have photographer waiting for me when I get home!!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention yesterday my meal choice on the Eurostar - the choice was salmon or rabbit. Hmmm. Those of you who know me, what do you think I chose??

9 hours and counting...


  1. ha cant believe they were waiting on u, imagine after all u had been through they had sailed without u!! loving ur footie joke btw :)

  2. Salmon or rabbit? I thought you would have been more worried about the wine! :-)

    Be sure to look totally unshaven, hungover and scruffy - no wait, they might not spot the difference!