Tuesday, April 20, 2010

French excursion

I'm sitting in the Eurostar lounge in Gare du Nord, Paris.

I spent the day moving from place to place, trying to find somewhere to get online and be able to make phone calls. The world still moves on and I still have work to do. Ironically a lot of the work I need to do is connected with a conference next week that I have to travel to in Amsterdam! It's the biggest conference in my industry in Europe each year. And we host it - it's ours and we have to make sure we're on top of everything. It is a showcase for us and needs to be top quality.

But whether anyone will actually be able to attend is the main thing on everyone's lips right now!! We're all making contingency plans to attend but it's kinda moot if none of our customers/attendees do the same. We'll see.

I ended up this afternoon in a small hotel close to Gare du Nord. I picked it as there was no one in the lobby (as small as it was) and they had wifi. Of course, as soon as I joined a conference call I was due to be on for the afternoon, some work men decided it was a good time to start drilling in the wall right beside me!!!

I've now made it to the Eurostar terminal. One treat is that I got a business ticket so I got in to the lounge. We don't usually get this in our company but it was the earliest/only ticket we could get.

So at least I'll be back in the UK tonight.

The travel agent has held me a flight from Heathrow to Belfast tomorrow, just in case, but I don't fancy that at this stage so I'll just go on to Liverpool and get ready for my ferry in the morning.

About 24 hours to go now. In 2 hours, it will be my 4th country in 2 days... Nearly there.

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