Monday, April 19, 2010

50 hours and counting

Made it to Frankfurt now. The 7 hours from Vienna was not the most comfortable. The train was totally packed, people where standing in the aisles, sitting in the doorways, etc etc.

I also didn't think to bring any food with me for such a long trip! So I was very glad to see Burger King was the first eatery after getting off the train!

I'm now sitting on the Paris train. This one will be around 4 hours and so far it's a little quieter, but we've another 10 minutes before it is due to leave so I'm waiting for the onslaught.

The icing on the cake is that I hear some UK airspace will be opening tomorrow. Nothing so far that would benefit me, but if Heathrow and Belfast are both opened on Wednesday then I might be able to get my originally planned LHR-BHD flight (obviously the Vienna-Heathrow leg is gone now as an option).

I get to Paris around 11 tonight and jump on the Eurostar late tomorrow afternoon.

The journey continues...

(currently trying to upload a video from the train - will post when it succeeds).

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