Monday, April 19, 2010

let the games begin

i'm at the start of my journey home. I'm sitting at vienna's west train station. The 10.40 inter city train will take me to frankfurt in about 7 hours. I have a seat reserved so hopefully it won't be too much hassle.

I don't know whether i'll have internet access or power on board. I'm doing this blog from my phone and it may be the last thing i can do if there's no way to charge the phone on board.

It's a nice sunny day in vienna. Sod's law really - weather gets nice just as i leave!

Looking forward to getting home.

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  1. You're not the only one, Rik. This was in The Guardian:

    "Seated in Chetwode's vessel, Mike Jones, an energy trader from London who had taken a series of trains from Vienna after the ash cloud left him stranded, said: "We were going to get the ferry but then this guy offered us a crossing for the same price. We thought, 'Why not?'"

    He was feeling "horrendous" after his journey – a 10-hour overnight train from Vienna to Frankfurt, a five-hour train from Frankfurt to Paris, and a two-hour train from Paris to Calais-Fréthun. "The trick," he advised, "is not to sober up.""